About Us

Triam Systems Private Limited is promoted by Decibells Group, founded in 1978 and is Headquartered in Mumbai, India with Interest in R&D, Software Services, Advisory Services, Business Consulting. Decibells is a name well established among the distinguished corporate entities of India, with a young and highly motivated taskforce of professional who are prized asset of the organization.

The Decibells Group is engaged in a continues endeavor to maximize the realization of potential in its employees and market opportunities by synergizing the multiple venture of the Group thus creating an optimum model.

To succeed in today's world, you need more than a technology and infrastructure. You need more than knowledge of the market and marketing skill. Our sole objective is to understand the more of success. Our corporate aim is to maintain and develop a positive attitude towards both-our customers as well as our employees. Relentless efforts to realize our corporate ideals have given us unmatched experience. In turn impacting a distinct advantage to understand the market needs.

Group is serving and providing solution to its international and national clients in areas of CRM, ERP, EHR, HR, with a committed and dedicated team. Company specializes in SAGE ERP and EHR platform.